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Meet the Children

Every child is born a whole person.

Every child learns to love, to cry, to smile, to laugh, to believe in the goodness of life, all from a mind, body, and spirit that are wholly human, wholly trusting, and therefore, wholly vulnerable.

While the needs of a whole child can often appear simple, immediate, and even basic, the needs of a child damaged by fear, abuse or neglect can be baffling and complex, requiring extraordinary commitment and understanding.  Often those needs extend into adulthood.

Thompson is the complete community resource for a child or adult who needs to achieve wholeness, and for all people willing to commit themselves to the benefit of restoring families and building communities.  We are called to serve children and families through healing, teaching, worship, and play.

Meet the Children - Zach Meet the Children - Zach

Destructive. That’s the word that kept coming up on just about every sheet of paper Thompson therapist Angela read in Zach’s case file...

Meet the Children - Kate Meet the Children - Kate

Abuse. Only eight years old, Kate had experienced years of abuse and neglect by her biological parents. In addition to her personal trauma, she had seen the horrific physical and sexual abuse of an older half-sibling by her own mother...

Meet The Children - Tiffany Meet The Children - Tiffany

The good news is Tiffany is now 19 years old and in college majoring in music. The sad news is she had a tumultuous childhood that eventually brought her to Thompson’s Saint Peter’s Lane residential campus.

Meet the Children - Malik Meet the Children - Malik

Malik carried a very painful history with him when he came to the Thompson Family Services Center last year.

Meet the Children - Martin Meet the Children - Martin

“I would like my son to come home, but he frightens me.”

As 14 year old Martin was being discharged from a NC psychiatric treatment facility, his mother was worried. Martin was still unable to handle his frustrations and frequently lashed out both verbally and physically. And while he was away he’d had a growth spurt and was now taller and heavier than she so controlling him would be difficult.

Meet the Children - Trevor Meet the Children - Trevor

Trevor arrived at Thompson’s Saint Peter’s Lane campus in July of 2016. At 8 years old, he’d seen and experienced far too much for his young life.

He’s a slight little boy with rounded shoulders, dark soulful eyes, his hair in a buzz cut and eyes always cast down towards the ground. He rarely, if ever, smiles and speaks in a voice that can barely be heard.

Meet the Children - Clay Meet the Children - Clay

Born to a drug-addicted mother, Clay seemed doomed from the start.

For the first 12 years of his life, he was abused and neglected and lived in a constant state of fear and sadness. Clay slept with a knife under his bed “just in case”.

Meet the Children - Michelle Meet the Children - Michelle

Sheena, Michelle’s therapist, teared up when she started sharing Michelle’s story.

Michelle was taken from her home at just five years old and had a long history of abuse and neglect. When her parents emotionally abandoned her at just a few years old, she was left feeling unworthy.

Meet the Children - Gabriel Meet the Children - Gabriel

Gabriel came to Thompson a broken child.

For years, he’d suffered emotional and physical abuse from his mom…because he was different.

Meet the Children - Jordan Meet the Children - Jordan

When Jordan arrived at Saint Peter's Lane, her head was covered in bald spots.

She had dark circles under her eyes.

It was clear that this 9 year old girl was completely lost.


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