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From August 15th – 31st Capital Bank is running a contest to celebrate 25 years of giving! They have invited nonprofits across the Southeast to submit a 60-second video showing them how our organizations could use these funds. You can vote for Thompson every day by visiting this site. You can also check out our video below!

If our amazing “Friends” and two of our fantastic kids didn’t convince you, we thought we would break down exactly what $25,000 could do here at Thompson. For some context, $25,000 could provide…

  • Almost two and a half years of paid, professional mentoring for one of the children in our Friends of the Children program. 
  • It could pay for 338 hours of therapy
  • 56 days of Psychiatric Residential Treatment for a child

Helping us make a difference has never been easier. Be sure to #VoteThompson the next few days and share with all your family and friends!

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