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Child-Centered Behavior Intervention 

The Polliwog Program serves children birth through five years of age. Children whose behavioral challenges directly affect their placement in an early childhood program, and/or children who are ineligible to receive Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapies from Children's Development Services Agency (CDSA) or Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). 

We also provide child-centered behavior intervention, trainings, and technical assistance to parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators. 

Our program's focus is for children to be socially and emotionally ready for school. 

To participate, fill out a referral form and send to Sonia Acosta at sacosta@thompsoncff.org

Polliwog Referral for Service Form

Union County Referral for Service Form

Cabarrus County Referral for Service Form

Eligibility Criteria for Children:

  • Birth to Five years of age
  • Must exhibit challenging behaviors in the classroom to qualify for Behavior Intervention services
  • Must be a resident of Mecklenburg County and attend a Mecklenburg County Early Childhood program
  • Children attending kindergarten are not eligible
  • Children eligible to receive specialized therapy services through local Children's Development Services Agency (CDSA) are not eligible
  • Children eligible to receive specialized therapy services through the school systems are not eligible

Eligibility Criteria for Child Care Centers:

  • Technical assistance for Early Childhood professionals through modeling, coaching, and support

Specialized Therapies 

  • Speech Therapy: Helping children to improve their understanding and use of language, speaking ability, swallowing and oral motor skills, and overall ability to communicate more effectively. 
  • Occupational Therapy (OT): Helping children to improve fine motor and self-help skills like feeding, handwriting, using scissors, buttoning a shirt, and tying shoes. Occupational therapy can also help a child with sensory processing issues; those who are easily over-stimulated by noise, touch, and activities in the classroom. 
  • Physical Therapy (PT): Helping children to improve gross motor skills like sitting, crawling, and walking as well as balance and coordination. 

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Phone: 704-536-0375
Fax: 704-531-9266

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