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A Child’s Place – McKinney-Vento (MCV)

100% of families felt more confident in their ability to meet their needs

94% of parents increased their Arizona Self-Sufficiency Score

Our History


A Child’s Place

A Child’s Place began in 1989 when several women were walking through Settlers Cemetery in Uptown Charlotte and noticed children playing during school hours. At that time, children were not allowed to enroll in public schools without a permanent address – the women decided to take action.

Started in a room at First Presbyterian Church with 27 children

McKinney-Vento Act passed, protecting educational rights of homeless children

Working to improve the wellbeing of children and families experiencing homelessness in Charlotte

Homeless Students

Meeting the Needs

A Child’s Place (ACP) became a program of Thompson as a result of a merger in February 2020. ACP is a specialized, intensive case management service for families and children experiencing homelessness, focusing on three key priorities: access to resources, engage in healthy and supportive relationships, and increase self-sufficiency.

Our ACP social workers will work with families of children of any grade – identified as McKinney-Vento (homeless) by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). Year over year, CMS has enrollments of over 4,000 students experiencing homelessness. The ACP social workers work with the families to identify goals and chart a path to reach them.


What do we do?

We Stabilize.

We Socialize.

We Mobilize.

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