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Case Management

Program Overview

Case Management

The Thompson Case Management program focuses on supporting youth currently in foster care, or an out-of-home care placement - some youth have juvenile justice involvement.

Serving youth of various ages, we target difficult to place teens in both Hillsborough County Florida and Upstate South Carolina who have a history of placement instability, multiple placement changes, and youth who have a history of sleeping in social service offices.

Low Case Manager to Youth ratios

Supporting youth in out-of-home care

The program supports and connects the youth to local services, with the goal to stabilize, ensure safety, well-being, and create permanency.

Thompson will work to build a stable relationship between each youth and supportive adults; lean on each youth’s personal strengths, resources, beliefs, and life experience; and work to facilitate change, support healing, and instill hope.

    • Case Managers engage with the youth and their families as a support and assist them as they navigate the child welfare system
    • Youth partners focus on helping youth find their personal strengths, identify community resources, and work to facilitate change, healing, and permanency
    • Advocate for youth family’s needs, goals, and expectations
    • A collaborative approach to structured care coordination by working in partnership with family, natural supports, school and community agencies
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