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Bringing Treatment Foster Care-Oregon to North Carolina

Bringing Treatment Foster Care-Oregon to North Carolina

An Interview with TFCO Director Claudine Durkee

Last year, Thompson added the Treatment Foster Care-Oregon (TFCO) to its lineup of programs to serve local North Carolina youth. Learn more about this program model from TFCO Director Claudine Durkee.

As Thompson recognizes National Foster Care Month, we highlight the increased need for foster care homes in North Carolina and how we provide solutions to youth in need of care.

TFCO is a fostering option Thompson offers that has differences from the traditional model of foster care. As you might guess by the name, centers around treatment and targeted therapy for the youth and family.

As Claudine and Robert discuss in this interview, past trauma is a common issue for many with mental health issues and many youth in foster care. Thompson’s TFCO program addresses trauma in a way that allows youth to conquer such challenges.

TFCO Director Claudine Durkee discusses the differences between TFCO and the traditional foster care model in this interview with Thompson Communication Specialist Robert Burns.


To learn more, visit the TFCO page.

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