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All Children HEALTHY

All Families THRIVING

All Communities STRONG

Diversity Statement

Thompson Child & Family Focus fosters an inclusive environment by celebrating what makes each of us unique and by encouraging authenticity among our staff and the clients we serve. We honor, respect, and celebrate all differences and invest in people, programs, and resources that promote unity, empathy, and growth.

Core Values

Excellence – The gradual result of always striving to do better.

Integrity – Do the right thing, even if nobody is looking.

Innovation – There is a way to do it better – find it.

Caring – Life changing work begins with our positive relationships.

Commitment – Accept no excuses – only results.

Employee Development

We promote a learning culture, with career development through internal promotions, training opportunities and an Educational Assistance Program.

Fight for our TCFF culture in all your daily actions!

As many of you may or may not know I have been a part of shaping the culture at Thompson for over 33 years and have also spent 30+ years on the sidelines coaching college, high school and youth sports. […]

Never Stop Learning: When You Stop Learning, You Stop Growing

What is a Learning Culture?   A Learning Culture consists of an organization of individuals instilled with a growth mindset. A growth mindset is when an individual believes their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others. […]

Fundamental: We Don’t Argue With The Data

I’ve been with Thompson a little over 4 years now working in the PQI department and there have been many changes to our data reporting. For example, we used to use Excel spreadsheets that one person would take weeks to […]

Fundamental: “Quality Begets Quantity”

Many of you may know, I am a proud father of McKenzie, my precious 4-year-old daughter. One of the many things I am working with her on is the importance of taking care of what you have, and in doing […]

Fundamental: Everything begins and ends with leadership

Take a moment and think about any group endeavor you have ever been a part of in your personal or professional life where you had to accomplish a goal. It could be growing up playing sports, or working on a […]

Fundamental: No Margin, No Mission

Late last week, I stumbled upon an article from the Charlotte Observer about Thompson from April 27, 2015 titled “ Thompson Child & Family Focus at Crossroad”.  The article went on to describe a $4 million funding gap, but also […]