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School based case management helps families increase self-sufficiency

School-Based Case Management

Program Overview

School-Based Case Management

The School-Based Case Management program focuses on helping families achieve housing, childcare and employment goals by providing the connection to the resources they need. This empowers families to increase self-sufficiency, promotes building healthy relationships, and helps all families build resilience.

The program focuses on three key priorities:

Access to resources

Engaging in healthy and supportive relationships

Increased self-sufficiency.

School-Based Case Management helpd Gloria nd her family through their experience with homelessness

School-Based Case Management provides services for families with children who attend a school in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (CMS) district.

The School- Based Case Management team member will partner with parents/guardians to identify unique goals and chart a path to reach these goals. Case Managers help parents/guardians become more knowledgeable of and help navigate local community resources.

Team members provide advocacy and support to identify needs and/or benefits, such as:

  • Access to food/food stamps
  • Assistance with job search/job security support
  • Accessing after school programs/care for children
  • Connecting to other Thompson services, prosocial activities, psych testing, and medical providers in the community
  • McKinney-Vento referral to support students and their family experiencing homelessness
  • Safety planning or behavior support planning
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