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Treatment Foster Care

30 years of proven success

Treating Youth in a Family Setting

Treatment Foster Care-Oregon (TFCO) is an evidence-based practice that works with youth in a clinically supported home setting.  TFCO recognized that youth are able to heal and thrive best when they remain in home settings in their communities instead of congregate care institutions.  The two main goals of TFCO are to create opportunities for youth to successfully live in a family setting and to simultaneously help parents (or other long-term family resources) provide effective parenting.

TFCO services are provided on a short-term basis – typically ranging between 6 to 9 months. Foster parents will receive 24/7 support and will have the treatment come to their home. Also, TFCO foster parent earn a higher daily rate per day than traditional foster care parents.

TFCO brings over 30 years of experience serving youth with emotional and behavioral problems and helping them avoid the need for institutional care. With evidence from eight randomized control trials, TFCO has demonstrated reduced delinquency, reduced violence, fewer disruptions in placement, increased attachment, increased academic support, and lower cost to communities.

Why Become a TFCO Foster Parent?

There are plenty of good reasons but here’s a few to get you started.

Youth who have been removed from their homes due to Child Welfare issues, Juvenile Justice involvement, are at risk of displacement, or those in psychiatric hospitalization/residential step down, have have already lost so much trust. Oftentimes, they are also removed from their community – school, church, sports; losing all sense of consistency! TFCO keeps them within their existing community to increase their success and rate of healing, and to ensure an easier transition back upon completion of the placement.

Youth with behavioral problems will typically be treated in a group home or clinical setting – TFCO allows them to remain in a family, home setting and healing will be quicker and more successful in the long term.

Often times people say they could never foster a child because they would become “too attached”. We prefer to think of it like this: you hope your own child will grow up to leave the house someday, perhaps to go to college or off to work. You have close friends who have moved cities for new jobs or spouses. You don’t love them any less. In fact, you’re proud to have done your job in supporting them when they were close to you, and now when they’re far. You already know how to love and let go, and what these children need is someone to help them get to a point where they too can let go.

Parenting is hard, parenting a high needs child is harder BUT we are with you 100% of the way and the successes feel even greater. We provide extensive training before and during placement, we will be touching base every day – you will not need to reach out as we will already be there! We also bring all the treatment coaches and therapists to your house to support the child and you without the inconvenience of travel.

Benefits to Youth:

  • Stays in community so school, sports, and friends can be maintained
  • Lives in a home setting which improves success
  • Receives individualized treatment

Benefits to You:

  • Free training
  • 24/7 support
  • Daily check-ins
  • $3,100 a month = $100/day stipend
  • Treatment/therapy comes to your home

Typical Foster Home:

  • Provides 6-9 month placement
  • Welcomes one TFCO youth at a time
  • Has foster parents who:
    • Are team players
    • Have a desire to mentor teens
    • Can be encouraging & supportive
    • Have a sense of humor

Typical Support Team:

  • Foster Care Coordinator
  • Dedicated Family Therapist
  • Individual Therapist for TFCO youth
  • Skills Coach for TFCO youth
  • Consulting Psychiatrist

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