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First High Potential Program a success

First High Potential Program a success

Potential is a great word, suggesting energy, the promise of impact and results yet discovered.  Match potential up with opportunity and you have the genesis for a new program at Thompson. In January 2024, Thompson leaders identified eight individuals who had “High Potential” (Hi-Po) for leadership and were matched up with a mentor. Over nine weeks, participants were given opportunities that stretched their ideas of leadership in action.


We want to recognize our first group of participants who were matched up with a leader within our organization and given opportunities to participate and develop leadership potential within them:

  • Stephanie Baer – Foster Care, East
  • Kylie Cain – PRTF Therapist
  • Shawna Cook – Family Centered Treatment
  • Penny Curenton – South Carolina TPSU
  • Towanda Gaston – High-Fidelity Wraparound
  • Dominique Gordon – Florida CMO
  • Danielle Mitchell – Quality Improvement Specialist
  • David Truesdale – Foster Care, Central


A few quotes from their experience:

  • “This program has provided me with great insight on the importance of sticking to the process…Thank you Thompson for this great opportunity and thank you Josh for your mentorship.” – David
  • “Hi-Po was challenging at times…it was awesome getting to meet with Eida…review many of the leadership tasks that keep Thompson moving and growing.”  – Stephanie
  • “The Hi-Po Program showed me the importance of hard work and dedication. Every step of the process to achieving your mission is equally important.” – Towanda
  • “As we go through life, we are always in a process…trust the process even when it seems uncomfortable and unsure.”  – Penny
  • “I was fortunate enough to witness the behind-the-scenes work being done, as well as seeing great relationships between staff and leaders…School-Based services are a tremendous asset to Thompson Child & Family Focus.” – Danielle
  • “It was amazing to learn about the other parts of the organization and it was inspirational to see Thompson as a whole.  Hi-Po was an amazing opportunity, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to participate.” – Dominique


Special thanks to the leaders who provided mentorship.  Your investment was essential in the positive experience of participating and making our first High Potential Program a success!

High-Potential Program’s next round is coming in April!