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Thompson Unveils Fresh Logo and Updated Branding

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Thompson Unveils Fresh Logo and Updated Branding

CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 17, 2024

New brand story presented at a special event at Charlotte FC Atrium Health Performance Park

CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Thompson, a leading provider of critical early childhood, family stability, and mental health services, announced the launch of their new logo and reimagined branding vision during a celebration at Charlotte FC’s training facility and business headquarters. The long-awaited change modernizes Thompson’s brand to more accurately reflect where the organization is today, following a storied 140-year history.

Will Jones, CEO of Thompson, presented the new branding. “Redefining and reaffirming who we are and where we are going is crucial to achieving our mission,” he said. “Our passionate and experienced team supports communities with a big heart, open arms, and genuine love for the people we serve. Formally announcing that compassion is at the core of our brand confirms Thompson’s commitment to progress and forward momentum.”

The new logo features a symbolic spiral, representing Thompson at the center as the catalyst of transformation, with an arch circling outward and back to Thompson, ensuring a steadfast foundation for those served. The colors, legacy purple and peaceful lavender, pay homage to Thompson’s history while highlighting strength and wisdom for the road ahead.

The icon displays a celebration of hope and optimism, which plays into Thompson’s belief that the change they enact creates a ripple effect of positivity into the greater community.

Thompson’s services and caring determination are transforming lives with change that radiates, across families, throughout communities, and into the hearts of every compassionate person who supports their mission.

The updated brand story repositions the work Thompson does as a key driver in strengthening communities. Changing lives changes everything – not just for those who benefit from and depend on their services – but for everyone connected to Thompson’s mission.


About Thompson Child & Family Focus
Thompson is a trustworthy catalyst for change across the Southeast, making a significant impact on the lives of children at risk, their families, and the disadvantaged communities they call home. As a foundation built to transform lives, Thompson invites all community members to participate in helping to attain their vision. All children healthy, all families thriving, all communities strong.