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Colin finds a forever home

Colin finds a forever home

Colin loves everything about music – listening to music, playing music and making up tunes on almost anything that can make a sound. This love has been a key tool in his treatment and coping skills. Colin has been in DSS custody for over three years – removed from his mother into foster care due to neglect. She struggled with substance abuse and was unable to provide a stable home. Colin struggled with transitions, changes, hygiene, and was hiding and hoarding food.


After arriving in our care, Colin was diagnosed with Autism and social anxiety. He was placed in a therapeutic foster home that provided him much needed stability, and his foster parents worked with the Thompson team to improve his social skills and address problematic behaviors. A testament of his success is that Colin recently transitioned smoothly to a permanent, adoptive home, and still enjoys regular contact with his foster family.


‘Thompson supports foster families and their foster care team to do what is best for the children, while building relationships with everyone.’ Colin’s foster care coordinator.