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Ms Guzman finds motivation in Family Education classes

Ms Guzman finds motivation in Family Education classes

Ms. Guzman is a busy young mom, striving to improve things for her two children – four year old whom she shares custody with the child’s father, and an infant for whom she has full custody. Ms. Guzman works full-time and was struggling to balance work and childcare; DSS referred Ms. Guzman to our Family Education – Nurturing Parenting program to improve her parenting skills, and help her make better parenting decisions.


Initially, Ms. Guzman saw the weekly class as just another demand on her time in an already busy schedule. However, she quickly began to understand and see the benefits and has not missed a single class. She now looks forward to the class, and engages with both class and ‘homework’ tasks with enthusiasm and excitement, which motivates the other parents.


‘I now look forward to class and the opportunity to learn new skills and communicate with other parents.’ Ms. Guzman