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Friends of the Children gives Charles a safe place to open up to his mentor

Friends of the Children gives Charles a safe place to open up to his mentor

Charles lives for baseball. If he isn’t playing baseball, he spends time on his second love, playing music with his rock band. His birth mother was a drug addict and took drugs during her pregnancy. This caused Charles with withdrawal issues as a newborn, and several longer-term psychological difficulties. He was adopted as an infant and now lives with two loving parents. Charles finds taking no for an answer hard to accept and listening to authoritative figures. He also struggles with sexual behaviors and keeping his hands to himself, which have led to restrictions in place at school.


Since joining Friends of the Children – Charlotte, Charles has been working on developing appropriate socialization skills and building a sense of belonging. Charles sees his ‘Friend’ as a safe place where he isn’t judged, he can open up about his true feelings, and is more receptive to alterative and/or corrective actions. This school year has been a real turning point for Charles, he has started to see academic success as well as better behavioral choices. His parents truly believe in the program and appreciate the support they also receive. In fact, they will sometimes reach out to discuss his ‘Friend’s’ perspective on certain behaviors.


‘Charles has had some awesome weeks, he is following directions and being a great helper. His self-calming skills have also improved’ Charles’ teacher.