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Joanne receives support from Thompson RISE program

Joanne receives support from Thompson RISE program

Joanne is just 18 years old and has many of the same aspirations of any teenager. She is also the mother of a two year old boy and trying to juggle both their needs for a safe and happy future. Joanne was struggling to find affordable housing and ended up at Florence Crittenton – Sarah’s House, a home for new mothers that do not have placement. The staff at Sarah’s House connected Joanne to Thompson initially for outpatient therapy to help address anxiety issues.


Joanne has made progress with managing her anxiety and was referred to our RISE program help her set goals and put plans in place. By helping Joanne identify her skills and assets, she was able to develop her resume and secure a seasonal job. Joanne is now interested to improve her educational level and obtain a driver’s license, which will be additional assets to improve her long-term employment opportunities.


‘The RISE program has helped me identify my skills and goals, and I am excited to continue to receive this support as I set new goals for myself.’ – Joanne.