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Pedro gets help with appropriate developmental expectations

Pedro gets help with appropriate developmental expectations

Pedro is 5 years old and loves everything about dinosaurs. Pedro has several development delays, which makes tracking standard milestones and age-appropriate expectations difficult. He was having difficulties listening, sleeping, feeding, and dressing himself – and would choose to run away. As a result, life at home and at school became increasingly difficult for his parents and teachers. Pedro often resorted to physical and verbal aggression.


Pedro and his parents were referred to our IMPACT program, after collecting behavioral data from both his teacher and mother, an evidence-based Individualized Behavior Support plan was created. First Pedro’s social development and self-help skills were addressed, which would also help tackle his aggressive outbursts. Toys and activities to help his fine motor skills were introduced and visual cues to help expectations and routines provided successful results.


”Thank you so much for pointing out the right direction, and for figuring out what I can do to help Pedro – it was much needed.’ – Pedro’s mother.