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Malcolm get’s the support he needs to enjoy life

Malcolm get’s the support he needs to enjoy life

Malcolm cares deeply for his family, loves to play basketball, and is passionate about the way he dresses. He struggles to get along with his siblings and to focus academically. He often engages in horseplay at school – leading to him being labelled a bully. He has a history of being with negative peers – skipping school, running away from home, and using marijuana and alcohol. He was frequently suspended from school due to attendance and lack of school work completion.


Malcolm’s behaviors led to a 9-month period in Residential Treatment with Thompson. As his family was new to NC, they were stepped-down to our Intensive In-Home program to help them find supports and advocate for an IEP at school for Malcolm, and other local support services. They worked to improve Malcolm’s self-esteem and made progress in creating better home and school environments.


‘We are so grateful for the support and follow-up of the Thompson Team and the progress we have made’ – Malcolm’s mom.