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Jax is now Kindergarten ready thanks to his behavior specialist

Jax is now Kindergarten ready thanks to his behavior specialist

Jax loves playing with Legos and Matchbox cars. He has been a student at Thompson Child Development Center (TCDC) for the last two years. Jax has struggled with his emotions; throwing toys, disrupting class, hitting and biting his teachers and peers. Things became even worse last year after Jax lost his older sister in a car accident and his parents divorced. Jax fights sleep by staying up late playing and crying in his room. To wake him for school his parents rely on high sugar foods to get him moving. By naptime he is back to fighting sleep again.


Thankfully for Jax, TCDC has access to behavior specialists who intervened and worked with him to identify and understand his emotions. Major progress was made to help Jax accept and manage these emotions. He can now identify when he feels overwhelmed and will take himself to a quiet spot to process his feelings. His communication skills have also greatly improved – he now uses words over aggression when provoked by peers, and regularly communicates with his teacher how he is feeling. Jax now requires little redirection and is ready for kindergarten.


‘This may be the longest and toughest case I have worked with, but seeing the transformation of an angry 3 year old into a kindergarten ready 5 year old has been amazing!’ – TCDC Behavior Specialist.