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Aziel focuses on his strengths to help him heal

Aziel focuses on his strengths to help him heal

Aziel and his younger brother were initially in foster care due to neglect and unsafe living conditions as a result of his mother’s substance abuse. They started in a foster home together, but after reports of Aziel touching his brother, he was moved to a new home and received therapy. The siblings returned to their mother after 8 months, but after a school report of bruises – it was found that Aziel was being beaten and they both returned into foster care.


Aziel was distressed at returning to foster care and carried feelings of guilt that it was his fault. Thankfully, he was able to return to the same foster parents, and in this safe, loving environment with consistent expectations and rule enforcement Aziel was able to identify his strengths and build skills to help him thrive at home and excel at school. Aziel and his brother now have a potential adoptive home, and he will also continue contact with his foster mom.