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Elisa overcomes trauma

Elisa overcomes trauma

Elisa just wanted to feel strong, confident, and positive about life… like other teenagers her age. So far, she has had a rough start in life; her parents separated when she was young, and she lived with her father. This led to abuse and trauma, leaving Elisa anxious, depressed and unable to identify healthy relationships among family and friends. The situation became violent and her father was charged with child abuse after physically assaulting Elisa. After a stressful custody battle, Elisa now lives with her mother and sister.


Elisa was initially referred for residential treatment due to worsening depression and suicidal thoughts. The bilingual Intensive In-Home Services team stepped in and started therapy to help Elisa feel heard and empowered – as a result her self-esteem has increased, her nightmares have stopped, and she is learning to be more assertive in a respectful and positive way. She is also working on building healthy relationships, and improved her relationship with her mother and sister tremendously.