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The Salazar family move into a new life

The Salazar family move into a new life

This family is ready for stability, a new start, and wishes nothing more than a new home to help them move on to a positive future. In 2018, tragedy struck when the oldest son was murdered in their own apartment, leaving them unable to continue living there. Initially, they moved in with family, but tensions arose and they were unable to find affordable housing. Ultimately, they ended up doubled up with a friend.


Our A Child’s Place program worked with Ms. Salazar to receive grief counseling and she was ready to secure a new home but finding affordable housing became near impossible. She is now working with a social work and partner agencies to secure an affordable home. She is excited to work towards becoming self-sufficient once again – putting homelessness in the past and starting a new, positive chapter with her son.


‘When life throws a curve ball it can derail you. We are here to help focus and guide families towards their goals.’ ACP social worker