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Family Centered Treatment helps Scott reconnect with his parents

Family Centered Treatment helps Scott reconnect with his parents

Scott loves to listen and play music. He dreams of owning his own drum kit and being in a band one day. Scott was assigned to an alternative school after struggling with attendance and showing defiant behaviors towards his teachers. The culmination of his past traumatic experiences resulted in a severely strained relationship with his adoptive parents. They had several failed attempts at family therapy – such bad experiences where the therapist refused to return after the first session. Scott’s parents reached their tipping point and wanted him removed from their home.


As a last resort Scott and his family were referred to Thompson’s Family Centered Treatment (FCT) program. FCT finally allowed Scott to identify and explore his previously unshared history of trauma and some of his darkest experiences. His parents were finally able to understand him. This allowed them to focus on re-building their relationship and better ways to handle challenging behaviors. Scott’s confidence and self esteem increased, he set goals for himself, and made new friends. He began to experience joy and hope.


‘I’m now doing things with my family, and I’m looking forward to starting High School and building a better future for myself.’ ~ Scott