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Antonio receives the full support of his Foster Parents

Antonio receives the full support of his Foster Parents

Antonio loves music and hanging out with friends. Antonio became involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) due to sexualized behaviors with a family member, and is currently on probation. Antonio no longer has any family involvement, and is now in foster care. He is also restricted in the activities that he can participate in due to his psychosexual assessment and probation guidelines. Antonio has been attending an alternative school for the last year and several bad choices and several incidents have resulted in an extension to his probation.


Antonio’s foster parents have been working with him to understand the guidelines of his probation as well as thinking about how his actions affect his future, for the good and bad. They have also advocated with his psychiatrist to identify the appropriate medication to assist him with his impulsivity/ADHD symptoms. Antonio had been working towards returning to high school, his recent bad choices had put this in jeopardy. With the help of his foster parents and therapists this will soon be a reality as he recently heard that he will soon return full time to regular high school.


‘I am so grateful to my foster parents for their support and making me feel like part of their family.’ ~ Antonio