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Friends of the Children helps Melissa build stronger relationships

Friends of the Children helps Melissa build stronger relationships

Melissa is an avid artist, and often uses this hobby as an outlet for her emotions during stressful times. Melissa is shy and introverted and has been struggling to make friends. Melissa struggles with emotional outbursts which can lead to lengthy bouts of crying, overwhelming sadness, and exhaustion. These episodes feel uncontrollable and can last for unpredictable periods. Her mother often chastises her for being too sensitive, which has led to feelings of shame and intensified the issue. Melissa is very close with her mother, who recently started a new job – the hours have meant increased periods apart and have led to separation anxiety for Melissa.


As a client in our Friends of the Children – Charlotte program, Melissa has been learning ways to identify and manage her emotions in a non-judgmental space, and has been working to identify what triggers her emotional outbursts. She has also been focusing on her strengths – she is kind-hearted and easy going – to help her build stronger relationships with friends. By also working with Melissa’s mother to help her better understand her daughter’s personality and triggers has helped create a calmer, more supportive home environment to break the cycle of emotional outbursts.


”Being part of Friends of the Children allows me to get out of my own head and gives me a space to relax’ – Melissa.