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Wrap provides guidance and support to Riley and her parents

Wrap provides guidance and support to Riley and her parents

Riley loves to play soccer and has aspirations of becoming a doctor or lawyer. Riley is smart and when she is able to focus she makes great progress at school. However, Riley struggles socially with decision-making and her focus and school work can suffer as a result. Her parents adopted her two years ago and hope to adopt another child. This caused Riley to have more emotional outbursts at school which led to their recent crisis.


After concerns over Riley’s behavior at school, the family was referred to Thompson’s Intensive In Home and Wraparound services. The teams have worked together to help Riley understand and manage her emotions, as well as supporting and advocating for the family in expressing their choices for her clinical needs. As adopted children themselves, Riley’s parents didn’t possess the same skills as many other parents, and needed guidance and support to achieve their goals and family vision. They are now in a much stronger position to expand their family.


”We are now in a much better position to help and support Riley, and any future children, grow into their best selves.’ – Riley’s parents