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Family Partners help families build stronger futures

Family Partners help families build stronger futures

Ms. Jacobs would like to see her daughters have a better start in life than she herself experienced. Her own childhood was traumatic and unstable – she was moved around frequently between family members. After several domestic violence incidents and failure to complete required programs, Youth & Family Services became involved with her family. Her children’s father refused to attend any required services, but Ms. Jacobs wanted him to continue to be part of her daughters’ lives. Failure on both their parts to complete required parenting classes led to deeper DSS involvement.


Ms. Jacobs was referred to Thompson for support from a Family Partner – a peer support partner who guides her during Child & Family Team (CFT) meetings. She now has a non-judgmental sounding board who can help explain the child welfare process, help her advocate for herself, and identify other support services. Ms. Jacobs has since become more consistent attending her CFT meetings and other attending other required programs set by DSS. Ms. Jacobs is one step closer to concluding DSS involvement, and recently moved into her first apartment.


”I couldn’t see a way out of this mess until my Family Partner opened my eyes and showed me the way’ – Ms. Jacobs.