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Grayson’s foster care journey supported by Friends of the Children

Grayson’s foster care journey supported by Friends of the Children

Grayson spends most of his free time playing soccer, riding his bike, or interacting with the kids in his neighborhood. Grayson’s start was not so typical – he was removed from his mother due to abuse and neglect and has been in foster care for the last 3 years. At school, Grayson is often disruptive – falling on the floor, talking back to teachers, and generally behaving in an attention seeking manner. He struggles with with managing his emotions and has become violent with his foster mom. Grayson currently has no contact with his biological family.


Grayson was recently enrolled in Friends of the Children – Charlotte, and his foster mom is excited for him to have a positive male role model as their family consists purely of females. Grayson’s ‘Friend’ is working with him on understanding and voicing his emotions rather than resorting to disruptive, or violent behaviors. The family is also enrolled in our Intensive In-Home Therapy program to help manage these violent outbreaks. Grayson’s ‘Friend’ provides a stable, additional source of support to Grayson as he navigates his healing process, and works to recognize & create positive relationships.


‘Having a positive male role model support Grayson through his healing journey is making such an incredible impact.’ – Grayson’s foster mom.