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Jessica finally feels a sense of hope

Jessica finally feels a sense of hope

Jessica dreams of going to college for Forensic Science with the goal of working for the FBI doing both investigation and science. She currently enjoys robotics and engineering at school. Jessica was just 2 months old when she was taken into care due to maternal drug use and a father in prison for drug trafficking. She has 7 siblings who are also in foster care and despite not being placed together, they have maintained strong relationships. Jessica carries a lot of anger towards her parents, and is often defiant to intentionally disrupt placements, especially in group homes.


Jessica was introduced to Melissa, a foster parent, and they clicked instantly and Jessica enjoys being in a ‘real’ home and part of a family. She is working on building new and happier relationships with those who are currently around her, and allowing them to help her reach her full potential. As part of this she is learning to constructively voice her emotions and feelings to fix any problems as they arise. Jessica now has the support system she so desperately needed. She’s able to start letting go of the trauma of her past – and for the first time have a sense of hope for her future.


”’I love the support from my new family and look forward to my daily texts and chats with my Thompson Case Manager” – Jessica.