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Kaylie thrives with Friends of the Children – Charlotte

Kaylie thrives with Friends of the Children – Charlotte

Kaylie loves gymnastics, being active and having fun. She has found school challenging, and it has only become a bigger issue since the pandemic and virtual learning as Kaylie does not receive much assistance with her schoolwork at home. Kaylie and her parents live with her grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, and cousin. Her parents were teen parents and have been incarcerated at times – adding to the instability and lack of structure for Kaylie.


Kaylie is selected for the Friends of the Children – Charlotte program, and was making improvements at school with the consistent support and life navigation from her ‘Friend’. Small steps are still happening during remote learning and Kaylie should continue to thrive when full-time school resumes. The program is also connecting the family with resources for more stable housing now that that her mom has secured full-time employment to provide increased stability for Kaylie at home too.


‘When she has stability and structure we see her ability to succeed increase dramatically.’ Kaylie’s ‘Friend’