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Ms. Parker develops better parenting skills

Ms. Parker develops better parenting skills

Ms. Parker is a single mom of an eighteen month old son. She is back at school to finish her GED with the goal of building a secure future for them both. She was required to attend the Nurturing Parent Program by Youth & Family Services to learn positive parenting techniques as part of the process of regaining custody of her son. He was removed from her home due to inappropriate care, and she currently has weekly, unsupervised visits.


Ms. Parker started the program several times, and dropped out. She has low self confidence and little family support. With positive reinforcement from the Family Education team, she was able to complete the program. Ms. Parker now has more confidence in herself and her abilities to overcome obstacles. She learned coping skills and how to better regulate her emotions and is now on a better path to regain custody of her son.


‘I have learned how to manage my anger and feelings, and how to use these emotions in positive ways.’ Ms. Parker’