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Mentoring give Miccah the support he needs

Mentoring give Miccah the support he needs

Miccah loves to play video games and do any STEAM activity. Since participating in the ‘Ready Buddies’ program, Miccah has also expressed interest in becoming a policeman. He lives with his mother, grandmother, mother’s boyfriend, and three siblings. Miccah’s biological father died a year ago and he has struggled emotionally with this loss. His mother works 12-hour shifts and cannot provide all the emotional and academic support Miccah needs. She sometimes struggles to ensure Miccah attends school and he is currently below grade-level in both reading and math.


Miccah is enrolled in Friends of the Children – Charlotte, and his ‘Friend’ provides an outlet for his emotions and feelings, and they are working on his emotions around losing his father. This is also helping Miccah create a better environment for learning and his ‘Friend’ has also worked with the school to set up an IEP to set out a plan to help Miccah improve his reading and math abilities. The 2-Gen part of the model has provided therapeutic resources for Miccah, his sisters, and mother to create a more positive, supportive and stable home environment to benefit them all.


‘Miccah is now is making strides toward meeting grade level reading & math, and it’s great to see improvements in the entire family.’ – Miccah’s Friend.