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Juliette now feels heard

Juliette now feels heard

Juliette is a young mom, devoted to her young daughter and looking to create a safe and loving home for her daughter to thrive. Juliette’s own childhood was not so ideal, sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend as a child, and then blamed and ignored after confiding in her mother, leaving Juliette with low self confidence and insecure in expressing herself. She is estranged from her mother as a result and has few natural supports. Juliette recently had a baby and moved in with her partner’s family, she often feels unheard and this is triggering anxiety from her past experiences.


Juliette sought help from Thompson’s Outpatient Therapy services to help her address her anxiety and learn how to to stand up for herself without triggering an argument. Juliette has attended regular therapy sessions to work on effective communication skills and self-esteem. She has worked to resolve the trauma of her past so that she can effectively move forward in a more positive mindset. By working on core beliefs, reflective and assertive communication, and mindfulness meditation, Juliette is able to better communicate with her partner and his family and is now beginning to feel heard and valued.


‘Learning better communication skills is helping me feel heard, and that my voice counts. My relationships are improving significantly’ – Juliette.