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Natalie opens up

Natalie opens up

Natalie wanted to believe in herself, and be loved, but had an extensive history of trauma and had given up hope that either was possible. She had undergone dozens of placements, assessments, and tests. She had been classified as ‘non-responsive to treatment’, ‘treatment resistant’, and ‘unable to process her trauma’. She sabotaged periods of doing well, as she felt she deserved to be ‘in the darkness’. On arrival at Thompson she was aggressive, self-harming, destructive and had a complete sense of hopelessness.


During initial therapy sessions it became clear that Natalie was an expert at pushing people away. By taking it slowly Natalie eventually started to open up in small ways, sharing her trauma, her fears and allowing some hope. Shortly after arriving family therapy session moved to virtual format due to COVID-19, this proved to be beneficial as Natalie felt safer opening up, allowing previously not addressed issues to be discussed. Natalie has since returned home and continues to heal.