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Darnell and his family get back on track

Darnell and his family get back on track

Darnell dreams of a permanent place to call home, so his mom can then get her much-needed surgery. His family experienced housing insecurity as his dad is not around, and his mom’s medical issues prevent her from working. They stayed in protective housing due to a restraining order, but it only lasted 3 months. Now, they were living in hotels. The family was in a bind – his mom needed surgery for her medical issues – but she couldn’t schedule surgery until they had stable housing.


Our A Child’s Place program worked with mom to help build community supports, create a budget to save money, and assisted with finding affordable housing. They also worked with Darnell to learn skills to help around the home with regard to cleaning and self-care. The family is making progress – they have reconnected with out of town family, who can provide some extra support, have found an apartment and most importantly, they are asking for new goals to work on.