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Wraparound helps Giovanni get back on track

Wraparound helps Giovanni get back on track

Giovanni loves to sing and is an active member of his church choir. He is 17 years old and on target to graduate next year with his class and has the goal of pursuing a career in the military. He lives with his mother, and despite his frequent anger outbursts, defiance and disrespectful behavior, they have a close relationship. Due to recent escalations in his behaviors, DSS became involved due to his mother showing physical aggression towards him and requesting that he be removed from the home. His father has not been involved in Giovanni’s life in recent times.


The family was referred to the High Fidelity Wraparound program to help them resolve their conflicts and build a more positive, healthy relationship while navigating the welfare system. They now have a plan in place to get them through any crisis, and have established natural supports. Giovanni is working part time while finishing school, his negative behaviors have almost diminished and his mother has also gone back to school to complete her dental hygienist qualification. Giovanni has reconnected with his father and is working to rebuild their relationship.


”By setting boundaries & following our crisis plan when tensions are high, we have built a strong & healthy relationship’ – Giovanni’s mom.