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Dorothy learns to become a more ‘Nurturing Parent’

Dorothy learns to become a more ‘Nurturing Parent’

Dorothy wants be be the best mom to her kids and provide a safe, stable home. She is a single mom with a newborn, and a new grandma – her 14 year old daughter also just gave birth. Dorothy and her extended family are currently living in a hotel, and looking for housing. Youth & Family Services referred both Dorothy and her daughter, as a minor, to take the Nurturing Parenting class.


Dorothy, having already raised her other children, was reluctant to take the class as she felt she already knew how to be a parent. She was surprised how much she learned about newborn stages, growth and development. She also learned to be more patient and now talks to her children instead of yelling. The class facilitator was also able to connect them with community resources to help with baby clothing and housing.