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David finds belonging

David finds belonging

David is a talented soccer player who also loves to play video games. David and his siblings were taken into foster care after their family became homeless and were living on the street. After a placement to keep the siblings together failed, David was placed with a stable, loving, and nurturing foster family. Due to his past, David carried a lot of bitterness, anger and resentment, especially towards women. There were few smiles or times of laughter, and he struggled at school. David was hesitant about being adopted, and felt rejected when his first foster family were not interested in adoption.


After feeling rejected, David reverted to his sullen, anger-filled behavior, especially as his siblings had both been successfully adopted. However, a possible adoptive family was found, and day visits were arranged for him to meet them. Day visits extended to overnight and weekend visits, and eventually David transitioned to living with the family full-time. David began to thrive, enjoying family vacations, time spent playing with their dogs, and David began to smile and laugh once again. He became a big brother, bonding instantly with the new baby. David’s adoption was finalized and he now has his forever home.


”Being able to support this family throughout the adoption process, and seeing David happy & positive is the highlight of my career’ – David’s case worker.