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Jonathon works towards his goals

Jonathon works towards his goals

Jonathon dreamed of figuring out his ideal job and building a happier future for himself. He currently works full-time at a fast-food restaurant and is unhappy there, but was unclear of other career options and how to identify his strengths and interests to avoid falling into another unrewarding job. His biological parents are not in his life, he was raised by his grandparents and continue to live with them. He does remain close with his sister who is part of his support network.


Jonathon worked closely with counselors in our RISE program, completing multiple career aptitude tests to identify his strengths and possible career options. This also led to him starting courses at a local college to help him follow his interests and improve his career options. Following the financial literacy steps, he managed to improve his financial outlook. He applied and got his first credit card and is making timely payments to further increase his credit rating.