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Peter’s mental health improves when the entire family is supported

Peter’s mental health improves when the entire family is supported

Peter is a keen artist, loves history, and anything related to animals. Peter was shaken as a baby, and while he does not have any remaining physical injuries, emotional scars remain and he struggles regulating his emotions. He was removed from his biological parents and now has a loving adoptive family. Peter can become overwhelmed by his emotions, resulting in extreme outbursts that disrupt his school and family life. As Peter has grown, these outbursts are becoming harder for his family to deescalate and they sought external help and support.


Peter and his family have been receiving Thompson’s Intensive In-Home and Wraparound services to help Peter better manage his emotions, and to support the family in managing his outbursts. The Wraparound team is helping the family identify and advocate for Peter’s needs, while the Intensive In-Home team surrounded the entire family with services to help Peter identify emotional triggers and more positive ways to regulate his emotions before the outbursts occur, and effective ways to manage them when they do.


‘Of all the services we have received over the years, the multi-team approach and dedication from Thompson has had the most effect.’ Peter’s mom