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Yolaina rebuilds her confidence

Yolaina rebuilds her confidence

Yolaina entered foster care with Thompson in late 2018 due to medical neglect. She had been a victim of sexual abuse and sustained severe internal injuries as a result. Yolaina struggled with boundaries and social skills. Her foster family ensured all medical treatments were completed and encouraged her to get involved in sports and other activities. They also created photo memory books of their outings, vacations and other significant events for her to keep and share during transition visits with her uncle.


The loving and supportive care Yolaina received from her foster parents and the foster care team helped her rebuild her confidence. She was able to learn boundaries and measures to help keep herself safe and how to voice her feelings. Her increase in confidence and newly gained life skills will stay with her and helped her transition to living with her uncle, though she remains in contact with her foster family.