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Jacob learns self-control

Jacob learns self-control

Jacob is a smart, high-spirited, thoughtful young boy who was experiencing daily outbursts at preschool. Most days he was being sent home early as a result. His maternal family is extremely close and involved in his daily life, but due to multiple personal problems, his father, and paternal family, are not often allowed to visit. Jacob struggled with uncontrollable behaviors and was unable to manage his emotions when faced with disappointed. This was resulting in anger & aggression towards his peers & teachers.


Jacob’s Meck Pre-K teachers and preschool involved Thompson’s Pre-K Navigators program as behaviors escalated. Our Early Childhood Navigator connected both Jacob and his mother with services; including Polliwog – in classroom observation and mediation providing both Jacob and his teachers with better strategies to manage emotional outbursts, and Outpatient Therapy to provide mental health support to Jacob and his family.