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The Daniels siblings foster care journey

The Daniels siblings foster care journey

The Daniels siblings range in age from 3 years up to 9 years old, they all love to be outside exploring and playing, or enjoying arts and crafts. The children were removed from their biological parents due to neglect in 2018. Due to the difficulties in finding foster parents able to take a large sibling group, two were placed with a Thompson foster family and the other three were placed with two other foster families. Luckily, all three foster families made it a priority to maintain ties and contact between the children with monthly visits and regular family gatherings.


In 2020, after seeing the levels of support offered by Thompson, the other two families transferred to also become Thompson foster families. Two children were able to attend Thompson Child Development Center until old enough to start elementary school. Our Foster Care team continued to advocate for and support these families as they all progressed from foster parents to adoptive parents, with all five siblings completing their adoption process earlier this year. All the children enjoy being in forever homes while also maintaining connections with their siblings on a regular basis.


“Ensuring these kids still have each other, as well as other caring adults in their lives was such a rewarding outcome” ~ Foster care coordinator