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How to Create an Engaged and Loyal Workforce Through Corporate Volunteerism

How to Create an Engaged and Loyal Workforce Through Corporate Volunteerism

By Ashley Juricich – Director of Marketing, Technocom (contributor)

“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business,” is a well-known adage by Richard Branson, founder of The Virgin Group. It’s an easy enough notion to agree with, but how does an organization build value for an employee? Is it a fun office space? Catered Friday lunches? Cool tech gadgets? The answer is much simpler and actually more cost-effective than that.

Connecting to your employees goes beyond providing them with materialistic objects; it’s about building a culture founded upon serving others. It’s the growth and development of not just your company, but your community.

Corporate philanthropy is an initiative many companies are adopting because of the many benefits they bring to the office, their culture, and their brand – it’s one of our main corporate pillars at Technocom. Having your team take part in community projects helps energize and engage your office, promotes team building, builds leadership skills, helps attract and retain employees, and shows shareholders and prospects that you’re in touch with the community you’re a part of. It’s about volunteerism!

Engage your office

Highly engaged teams are proven to be more productive, are absent less, and produce more/generate more profit. Camille Preston, PhD, PCC of Forbes Magazine Coaches Council discussed this issue’s impact on organizations and found that engaged employees are often synonymous with happy employees. “Okay, so how does giving back create a happier work culture,” you may ask? Simple. Participation in charitable activities stimulates the same part of the brain that is responsible for the release of endorphins. A company that focuses on serving its community is in turn also serving and positively impacting their employees.

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