Pre-K Navigators

Pre-K Navigators

Research is clear that children who experience adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as trauma, abuse or neglect, developmental delay, family mental health, death, proximity to violence and poverty, are more likely to experience challenges related to learning, emotional regulation in the classroom and school readiness.

Thompson Child and Family Focus has partnered with Mecklenburg County to support the children in Meck Pre-K classrooms who have the highest behavioral, mental health, and developmental needs so that every child, regardless of their ACE score, is ready for school.

The role of our Pre-K Navigators is to be the first point of contact for Meck Pre-K classrooms who have students that are experiencing significant behavioral challenges. They respond to referrals within 24 hours, connect with the school, family and child to conduct an assessment and link these children to all of the services they need to be successful.

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