Services Overview

Thompson’s gift resides in our ability to grow along with the needs of society, but more specifically molding to the needs of children and families across the Carolinas.

Today, around 1 out of 5 adolescents has a diagnosable mental health disorder and nearly one third show symptoms of depression. With risings in substance abuse, sexual assault, trauma-inducing events and more, children now need more than just a checkbook and a roof over their head. But the issue is, not everyone can access services to help them get ahead.

Children with social and behavioral issues are often unable to function in school. Parents are left unable to work without affordable daycare. Some children left without any parents at all.

Empathy, time, and education help us to lift children and families in need out of a cycle of disenfranchisement that limits their upward mobility for generations. We are more than teachers, babysitters, counselors and social workers. We are a no-strings-attached helping hand offering a way out.

Our Services


Early Childhood Learning:

The early years of a child have been determined to have the most profound impact on their future success (the research is everywhere). Healthy development of children, parents, and families during these years is crucial. Thompson has launched several initiatives and programs aimed at ages 0-5 to pave the way for future success. 

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Family Stability Services:

We have been serving children and families for over a century. In that time it’s become clear that children with strong family units and parental support develop more resilience. They can take on challenges and overcome obstacles far easier with the support. But not everyone has the support they need to be the best parent or guardian. Allow us to help you get there. 

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Mental Health Services:

Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S experience mental illness in a given year. There are countless children and adults who have suffered traumas that have gone on to impact their health and wellness immeasurably. Caring for the wellness of the mind is equally as important as caring for your bodily health, and at Thompson, we create equal opportunity for all individuals (regardless of income, social status, or any other prohibiting factors) to take care of themselves and seek healing.  See our Mental Health Services here