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Easton’s Friend helps him manage his frustration

Easton’s Friend helps him manage his frustration

Easton is very passionate about things he finds interesting, and will educate himself as much as possible on that topic. He is very goal oriented, and always willing to help struggling classmates. Easton is optimistic and tries to see the good in most situations. He struggles with controlling his emotions, and often lashes out and shows verbal aggression. He lives with his father and two sisters. Though never homeless, the family has never had stable housing.


Easton is enrolled in our Friends of the Children – Charlotte program, and initially tested below grade level for math & reading. He has since managed to bring his math up to grade level, and is also close to meeting grade level reading standards. In addition, Easton has made significant progress to appropriately verbalize his frustrations, and as a result, better regulate his emotions. We are also connecting Easton’s dad to programs to establish stable housing and employment, to help give Easton the structure he needs.


”It is extremely rewarding to see my work not only affecting the youth I work with, but the family overall.’ Easton’s ‘Friend.