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Having a mentor is helping Lewis build a better future

Having a mentor is helping Lewis build a better future

Lewis loves soccer and plays on a weekly team often scoring goals. He also enjoys skate boarding and video games. He was recently adopted by his foster mom after an extended period in the foster care system. He has a traumatic history that includes sexual and physical abuse, some of which is still unknown due to his reluctance to open up. Lewis is currently struggling to regulate his behavior at school and at home, and is starting to question his sexuality but is hiding this from his mom.


Lewis is part of the Friends of the Children – Charlotte program, and his mother is a huge supporter and happy that he has a positive, consistent male figure to support him. Lewis and his Friend have been working on building coping mechanisms and appropriate language and behavior. They often discuss both the good and bad outcomes of different scenarios to help Lewis understand the consequences of his words and actions. They have also been working on strengthening the relationship between Lewis and his mom, and recognizing the new positives he now has in his life to counter the many negative aspects of his past.


‘Our ‘Friend’ has been a major positive and resource to both of us as we work together to build a better future for Lewis.’ ~ Lewis’ mom