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Parenting Education helped reduce family conflicts

Parenting Education helped reduce family conflicts

Ms. Vicario is the mother of two school-aged children, and like most mothers is trying to raise her children to be the best possible versions of themselves. She recently confided in a friend that, especially since being home together so much, that she was struggling with her oldest daughter’s behavior problems. She was second guessing her daughter’s needs and was questioning if she was using the correct parenting and disciplining techniques. Fortunately, her friend is a leader of one of our Circle of Parents groups, and encouraged her to join the group.


Initially, Ms. Vicario was unsure if the Circle of Parents group was the right solution as she felt a little out of place. However, she stuck with it and after a couple of weeks she also joined the Incredible Years program. Ms. Vicario attends every meeting, enjoys sharing what she has learned, how she has implemented it at home, and the positive impacts she has seen with both her children as a result. Ms. Vicario has also been instrumental in developing a Spanish speaking group to support the Hispanic families locally, and even volunteered to be a parent leader.


‘Seeing the positive changes within my own family inspired me to want to share and support other families.’ – Ms. Vicario.