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Lisa’s Foster Care Family don’t give up on her

Lisa’s Foster Care Family don’t give up on her

Lisa is a very smart girl who thrives on structure, and will rise to any challenge. She is an active ROTC member and will soon complete the DSS 18-21 LINKS Program. She can also be strong willed and quick to judge. Lisa entered foster care as a young teen, and was separated from her siblings, several have since been adopted. Lisa was enrolled in Therapeutic Foster Care services due to periods of anger, depression, and challenges with forming bonds. Lisa she has spent the last 6 years in the same foster family, they have been able to form strong ties, and regard each other as family.


After being enrolled and active in JROTC at her high school and the LINKS program through DSS, Lisa stopped attending and began engaging in risky and impulsive behaviors. Lisa’s foster family made it clear that they were disappointed with her actions, but that they were family and would not give up on her. Lisa quickly saw that she was putting her well-being at risk and her foster placement too. She re-enrolled in the JROTC program and began seeking a part-time job. Lisa graduated high school and is now a full-time college student, as well as a full-time manager at a local grocery store.


‘Therapeutic foster care and a family who did not give up on her have helped Lisa become a strong, confident young woman’ – Lisa’s foster care coordinator.